The ACE Foundation, through its web platform, published some time ago a decalogue of interesting tips for the well-being of people with dementia during confinement. Although it is true that, at the moment, the entire country is emerging from that phase; It is no less true that all these tips are of great interest and utility to the sick and caregivers of people with dementia.

The experts of the Foundation agree in pointing out two basic points as key: the elaboration of their own schedule and the monitoring of routines. Special emphasis is placed on the fact that it is a difficult situation for everyone at home, but especially for a person with dementia; since the loss of this routine can lead to difficult situations to manage, such as irritability, aggressiveness, disorientation or sadness.

It is also insisted that, when situations are generated in which the emotions are uncontrollable, we must change our activity, not enter into discussion and remain calm; and, if it does not work, contact the referring doctor.

You can follow the full article in the ACE Foundation’s press site by clicking on this link.